TAP NYC isn’t just another restaurant, it’s an ambitious dream coming true.

Roberto, who worked in the financial industry in Brazil for many years,  arrived in NYC to follow his dream, and passion for food. Beto, as his friends call him, had just the right skill sets to bring TAP NYC to life in 2016. 

TAP NYC is the result of his love for Tapioca Crepes and his desire to share this flavor not only with Americans but also with the huge international community living in New York City, including the homesick Brazilians.

For Beto, TAP NYC is more than a food business meant to be successful, it is a healthy food trend landing in the city.



You may be wondering what makes tapioca healthy…Or you may just be wondering what tapioca is…

Tapioca is a typical Brazilian delicacy made purely of cassava. It’s a great gluten-free meal and contains no sodium, no sugar, no fat and no preservatives, so no harm for your body.

We could describe it using many refined words, but we are obviously biased tapioca lovers. So we hope you will be delighted to find it by yourself and join our club.

The coolest thing about tapioca is that it is a perfect match to your favorite ingredients, especially the fresh and nutritious ones. Tapioca will wrap them up and your meal/snack will be ready to go.   

As we like to call it, tapioca is the white canvas and you’re the artist.

We are proud to bring this natural ingredient to your diet and to inspire you with our fresh and seasonal recipes, either making it at home or enjoying it at our store.

Tap nyc. Healthy your way

IT is good for you!

Learn more about Tapioca’s unique benefits!

  • Gluten-free, sodium-free, fat-free, and cholesterol free
  • It is an energy booster with high concentrations of carbohydrates and starches
  • Its potassium reduces the pressure of the arteries
  • Full of minerals such as calcium, iron, copper and phosphorus
  • Full of vitamins such as complex B, including folic acid, which is important for the formation of babies
  • Tapioca assists in the production of serotonin - a neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of well-being.

What new yorkers think about Brazilian Tapioca.


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